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The A record tells you where your site is
The AAAA record does the same but louder

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Vendors are running into the first UNIX epoch problems...

Connectivity between SmartDashboard / SmartDomain Manager and Security Management / Multi-Domain Management Server R77.30 and below fails on fresh installation after January 24th 2018

The Internal Certification Authority (ICA) certificate is valid for 20 years. Starting on January 2018, the internal CA certificate expiration date will exceed the maximum Unix epoch time (January 19, 2038)

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God why is it called Intelligent Dance Music like come on that's just asking for someone to use the Rick & Morty copypasta

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Oh, and here's where a US company is doing camper vans based on the Nissan NV200, which is /significantly/ smaller, with a similar layout (modeled after similar European models, although the cooktop isn't integrated):

(Note that the US NV200 has an 8" stretched wheelbase compared to everyone else's NV200, which provides significantly more room for the bed.)

That's basically the whole idea - do this conversion, but to the Pacifica.

30+ miles per US gallon of gasoline, which is /really good/ in the US for a vehicle of that size. If you can plug in at your campsite, 30+ miles of electric range before you start using gas. Or, if you can't plug in, you've got a generator built in.

So, here's where my idea comes in.

Chrysler's latest minivan, the Pacifica, comes in a plug-in hybrid version, with a 16 kWh battery.

Most campers rely on propane appliances (which are a fire hazard), and some use of lead acid batteries to run electrical accessories as needed. Larger ones have dedicated generators, too.

I suspect that the Pacifica could be converted into a decent camper van, running fully electric appliances. Bonus points, you could even use the engine as a generator.

(There's another bed section behind the bench, so you get a sizable sleeping surface.) In addition, camper vans following this layout tend to have a popup roof, which has room to sleep two more up top.

Westfalia is now owned by Mercedes-Benz, and this is the Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo - essentially a modern version of the old VW "Westys" - note that the layout essentially hasn't changed, even as the design has.

So, this is an idea I know I've mentioned on other platforms, but one thing I've been a bit interested in, even though I don't have that much use for one, is camper vans.

Modern versions aren't exactly popular in the US, but they are popular in Europe, and quite a lot of people pay insane amounts of money for old Volkswagen Westfalia Campers.

The VW T3 Westfalia had a layout that many later camper vans have copied, with kitchen and cabinets on one side, and a bench that folds into a bed.

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@halcy bonus: if you have to refer to them in the plural, use "databeese".

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premium idea: go to a web development conference and hold a talk, every time you talk about a db, pronounce it "dab"

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Every time your app asks me to rate it, my mental rating of it drops a little. Sometimes when it gets down to one star I actually do rate it.

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"Polymer Solar Cells with 90% External Quantum Efficiency Featuring an Ideal Light- and Charge-Manipulation Layer"

money quote from the abstract:

"Highly efficient single-junction PSCs for different binary blends are obtained with a peak external quantum efficiency of up to 90%, showing certified PCEs of 9.69% and 13.03% for a fullerene blend of PTB7:PC71BM and a nonfullerene blend, FTAZ:IDIC, respectively."


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