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If your website or app displays relative timestamps ("2 min ago", "1 year ago") but doesn't show the precise timestamp on hover you have a problem
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@bhtooefr a lot of this thread resonates with thoughts i've had and have been meaning to revise

my goal was to produce a single protocol for storage and transfer of all those e-mail-shaped objects but your idea for transforming all those things to feed into a single ui sounds more achievable

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@bhtooefr @enkiv2 @drwho I've done a lot of international travel recently, and found that using standard web search for 'where's the nearest coffee shop with vegan cake' type inquiries are not nearly as useful as I expected. More specialized tools for common types of queries would be great. Problem: device can only handle so many apps (for both storage and UI reasons), and if it's on the web I need to a) know where, and b) remember that when I need it. This is why effective sites become legend

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This actually reminds me a lot of Gnus, the Emacs news reader. It started as a news reader, added email support, added rss support, and there are no doubt quite a few more exotic backends, all with the same threaded presentation.

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One feature that I kinda like on Kinja (Gawk^WGizmodo's blog platform): the ability to dismiss replies, so that they don't appear as replies to your post any more.

(If someone directly goes to the poster's profile, they can still see your post as the parent post, but if they go to your post, they can't see a dismissed child post.)

I wonder if such a mechanism is feasible on the Fediverse.

Basically, I'm thinking... the Zen of Palm effectively says that a lot of things shouldn't be done on a palmtop at all, just provide a way to collect info so the user can do it at home on their real computer.

I'm wondering if web browsing (that is, going on the web to discover content) is actually one of those things. Use AvantGo-style preprocessing of web content to make existing streams of content readable on the go, but maybe don't even try for discovery.

...OK, manufacturers: trying to hype up reveals of your Formula E cars is rather silly, TBH.

It's a spec chassis and aero formula.

We know what your car looks like already. Literally the only thing to reveal is your livery. (I guess you could reveal powertrain configuration details, but that's a press release, not a live unveiling video.)

I'm wondering how a phone with no web browser at all, but robust server-assisted RSS reading (including retrieving the entire referenced article and all comments, and threading it all) integrated into an e-mail-like client would work.

(Wikis and other reference material are really the biggest exception to this, just about everything else that's actually used fits into the e-mail-shaped model, if you can add a discovery mechanism to the e-mail-shaped UI.)

When you realize that almost every damn thing we do on the internet today is a vaguely e-mail-shaped object, the idea of a web browser really starts looking obsolete.

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So, I never really thought of as anything especially interesting until I looked more into .

The Energy Gang: Will Electric Buses Take Over the Transit World?

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I want to get off Silicon Valley's wild ride.

An observation: I find that when I'm posting on forum-like mediums, I always capitalize sentences properly, and end them with a period when appropriate.

When I'm posting on chat-like mediums, I only capitalize proper nouns and "I" at the beginning of a sentence. I also don't use periods (question and exclamation marks are still used).

The Fediverse feels right between the two in terms of conventions to me. Sometimes I feel chatty and drop capitalization and periods, sometimes not.

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...tbh, I wonder how an actual PDA, to act as a dumbphone companion, and following the Zen of Palm would do, if one were made today. 🤔

(I'm certain that it would have a very different target audience, of course.)

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