My 7yo keeps asking how to program a computer, so this morning, we worked on the basics:

generating random synth music using Ruby and sox.

Decided that Monday wasn't bad enough as it was, so I bit a big ass hole in my tongue and decided to make today the day I write up HR evaluation forms for my staff.

Just got a copy of our UK marriage certificate & was reminded that we had to fill in the box labeled "Rank or Profession of Father"

A man cannot live on pickles and dried mango alone.

If you use one account for everything, you may not be seeing the full breadth of Mastodon. Get an account on an art instance, watch the cool art fly by the local timeline. Get an account on a French instance, bone up on your high school French. Make an instance for your coworkers, talk shop.

I don't wear swim trunks to work, I don't wear a suit to the pub, and I don't wear cargo shorts to my sister's wedding. Apply that to Mastodon and you might find it's quite natural. Decentralize yourself! 😁

If I put🍍on my pizza but then wrap it in a tortilla like a it a sandwich?

Turns out my wife's intense desire for a bigger backyard is really just a cover for her intense desire for an exotic(ish) animal that needs more space. Currently under consideration: pigs, alpacas, and ducks.

Someone just followed me on birdsite who's bio includes " for next gen developers" whuuut?

This doggo loves to sleep sitting up. In the car, on the couch...everywhere

On the positive side, this place had a huuuge bathtub. On the negative side, the water smells like rancid sulfur.

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