Hey if you follow me here and I don't follow you, call me out and I'll follow back.

Hanging in my basement in hammock, doing after hours sysadmin work. Vaping, listening to music. I'll take it.

Heads up if you all follow me here I'm moving over to @biffbiffbiff@infosec.exchange because its a more content specific instance. I've ported over all my follows to there.

In other news - I believe my doctor has found the perfect cocktail of meds (along with counseling) for my anxiety. Lexapro, buspar, and Vyvanse. This is the most I've felt like myself in 6 years.

Just heard someone on the news claim that terrorists are using the "black web" to organize new attacks. So I guess now we just throw adjectives in front of web to make it sound scary? Y'all gotta quit making up things and be specific 0_o

Today's goals include - Mowing and weedeating yard in 95 degree heat with an ear infection, not dying, scripting downloads of TV shows/movies from my seedbox, auto unraring them, and then deleting the archive. Yeehaw.

You have been visited by the Old Wizard Cat of good fortune. Boost this Toot to bless a stranger.

Day toot ahhhhaHhhhh, fighter of the night toot ahhhhaHhhhh. Champion of the ! You're a master of instances and content for everyone!

- What is your favorite application and it's use? Will boost results.

I'll start. pi-hole. Self hosted dns server providing adblocking for your entire network. Can run on pi or VM.

Dump of the original Furby's assembly source code, dated June 1998: seanriddle.com/furbysource.pdf
Coolest thing I can think of to do with this would be to get it running in a virtual machine in some existing virtual space, eg an MMO, VR chat room, No Man's Sky etc. I love the idea of this thing's freaky digital soul living on in unrecognizably alien worlds.

Say what you want about the @realDonaldTrump administration, but I've never gone out of my way to watch @WhiteHouse press briefings until this train wreck of an administration.

@aral @Gargron So far I haven't been interested in opening ”my own instance of one”, because then I would have to do the real hard work, i.e. follow a few thousand people just to get the federated timeline full of content.

I really like the ”passive following” nature of the federated timeline. If there was an option to follow full local timelines of other instances (or something similar) instead of just individual people, then the instance of one could be a more viable alternative.

Helping breakfix customer with their "slow wifi". Login and see this. imma die right now.

After sleeping on it, I think #Mastodon should rename ‘instances’ to ‘Communities.’

Instances feels too technical and I see even savvy people struggling to understand it.

I argue communities would make much more sense. It denotes much of the purpose behind _why_ this service has different instances, and many people will already be familiar with the concept from Reddit (the, what, sixth most popular site on the net?).

Morning . This is my kind of Sunday morning. Too short of a trip to the Outer Banks with my family. Nice little recharge though.

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