Hanging in my basement in hammock, doing after hours sysadmin work. Vaping, listening to music. I'll take it.

Day toot ahhhhaHhhhh, fighter of the night toot ahhhhaHhhhh. Champion of the ! You're a master of instances and content for everyone!

Helping breakfix customer with their "slow wifi". Login and see this. imma die right now.

Morning . This is my kind of Sunday morning. Too short of a trip to the Outer Banks with my family. Nice little recharge though.

We're being banned from the internet says via Twitter while streaming from while hosted on behind @Cloudflare ,using , , with an cert from ...

Built a NOC display at work today. Runs on 65 inch TV. Shows who's logged into rmm, backup stats, live running scripts, who's logged into what server, server up/down plus local weather conditions. Fun little project.

I hate shaving with a razor, but I guess it turns out ok when I do. This concludes my annual "selfie"

Took a stock Chromebook, flashed custom firmware, installed Linux, hardcoded family friendly dns to keep kids from pr0n. Giving it to them as a gift this evening.

I'm getting kind of good at fixing my house for an IT guy. New glass pane in garage. EZ.

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