relaxing, contemplative, microtonal, minimalist; large, slow structures

YO! Any good examples of atonal pop music?

please, god please, stop posting about auspol. i mean i don't actually hate it but at the very least ask yourselves if what you're doing is healthy

Anyone else on hear read Frederic Jameson and just been blown away by how much he sucks? Structuralism btfo.

it's funny when..... what's his face/...... the labor leader......... WHAT'S HIS NAME....... christ. SHorten! Yes. It's funny when shorten tries to sound angry or scary or whatever

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[watching the monstrously huge, dimly lit shapes of new memes battling in the fog, crashing into each other again and again] .... let them fight

sooo my psychologist told me that my weed has giving me mood disturbance and i smoked last night despite knowing that and that was a biiig mistake. i feel garbàge

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meanwhile on the computer note where I used to write all my thoughts when I was way too high like three years ago:

SO glad that the vore community has found a place to put its feet up on this site.

But realistically, that's the role of . Except there's a cultural bias against hashtags because twitter is ass

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