@popey well, this makes a change from your phone screenshots showing low battery

1Password has the ability of managing 2fa.

I've used it for one or two sites, but I'm wondering if it defeats the point of 2fa.

Is it a feature that 1Password should be offering in the 1st place?

@popey @kde
Would you recommend KDE Neon over Kubuntu for a fresh install?
Not sure what the advantage would be of one over the other.

@popey @Wimpress is there a safe/correct way to install KDE Plasma on top of an Ubuntu MAte 18.04 install?

@popey @Wimpress even if the other man's phone is giving you googly eyes?

@popey @Wimpress what do you both make of the notch?
Really trying to hold out for the 6t in October (if it really happens).

7 Billion Humans is fun. Have not yet decided if it's a good game for a coder to play in their spare time... youtube.com/watch?v=7jl_MsTdYr

Evening spent shredding a never ending pile of confidential documents, and somewhat enjoying it.
Is this how one is meant to spend free time when you're pushing 40?

@popey integrate with Mycroft's API and a touch screen.
Have it in the kitchen as a notice board you can talk to.
I have all the tech myself, no idea if I'd find the time though :D

Bob Was Hungry. Super Meat Boy rip off and not as much fun.

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