There is nothing quite so infuriating as an ISP that comes in and presumes to tell you how your network is/should be (not referring to my current ISP, who I love dearly) rather my parent's. OMG.. My kingdom for a "techperts" type service inside the ISP that let's tech savvy customers deal with neanderthal fucktwats ... ugh.

Did a live stream last night showing how to update the Kiwi extension in Meterpreter to include the latest version of the code from Mimikatz. Also spent a bit of time exposing the offline/shared WiFi credential dumping feature so that it's usable from MSF. If you're interested, you can find the archived video here:

If you want to avoid long timeline backlogs, spin up or join another instance. Fewer folks on the instance = less timeline backlog possibility ;-)

List at

OH my god, they're getting rid of Unity. PRAISE STALLMAN.

Mastodon: Where infosec people went to talk existentially about social media platforms rather than, you know, be social.

38,542 accounts
+479 in the last hour
+8,750 in the last day
+15,585 in the last week

@bigendiansmalls under "settings" you can export your account in this instance and import it into another instance

@Alda @Gargron

Gargron: " is struggling with all those new users, I hope the subscribing craze slows do--"

I'm guessing there is going to be a need to split load among multiple servers under same domain - e.g. mastodon.local needs more horsepower, but not separate domains.

And/or be able to migrate seamlessly users from one to another under same domain.

How do we know @thegrugq is the real @thegrugq and not a shameless opsec-denier trying to capitalize on his well established brand?

based on the username model though, wouldn't there be a great deal of impersonation potential? What would stop someone from firing up 18 diff instances and using your username / avatar with a diff domain name - would be confusing/frustrating for ppl trying to find the 'real' you, no?

So help me here does mastodon run disparately on a distributed network of servers? i.e. if I spin one up am I helping overall distributed bandwidth? Or is it like a private/public server instance?

The animated avatars are cool, but a screen full of the same ones on @jk profile just filled me with vertigo and I fell off my chair. :skull_crossbones:

One wonders why infosec moves like a BLOB onto new media… we are so predictable! :D

Okay, with another influx of new people, here is again my article "Welcome to Mastodon: Here is what's different and why it's better" (I am working on a better in-UI onboarding process)


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