based on the username model though, wouldn't there be a great deal of impersonation potential? What would stop someone from firing up 18 diff instances and using your username / avatar with a diff domain name - would be confusing/frustrating for ppl trying to find the 'real' you, no?

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@bigendiansmalls maybe we need to prod the keybase people into including this in the "I identify myself as ...." thinger?

@bigendiansmalls That's all about trust, same thing with mails for example :x

@zyuiop_ Yeah .. i can see that .. just thinking out loud I guess. Troll accts on twitter with very similar names are also kind of the same problem.

@bigendiansmalls I think a system of proofs based on a similar system (using a site users can trust to authenticate you on other medias)

@bigendiansmalls I *think* the usernames are referenced in a manner similar to jabber. "@" is technically local to a particular server but thinking "@user@server" is how you specify someone on a diff server?

@Thracky sort of it's like this
"" is Gargron on this instance. But you could start thracky.goblin and be Gargron@thracky.goblin. when you toot publicly then that's how it shows up vs his. Kind of makes sense. I'm warming to it.

@bigendiansmalls Do a search for "" for example. You'll see a few users show up

@bigendiansmalls :bird: didn't have anything for that for a very long time, hence the whole :white_check_mark: thing, but also all the usernames with "real" and "official" in them.

Like Matrix, it shows the instance domain.

There's still _some_ centralisation there (in DNS). Plus, if impersonation becomes a common thing, sites might get rules against it — and not federate impersonated accounts?

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