There is nothing quite so infuriating as an ISP that comes in and presumes to tell you how your network is/should be (not referring to my current ISP, who I love dearly) rather my parent's. OMG.. My kingdom for a "techperts" type service inside the ISP that let's tech savvy customers deal with neanderthal fucktwats ... ugh.

Did a live stream last night showing how to update the Kiwi extension in Meterpreter to include the latest version of the code from Mimikatz. Also spent a bit of time exposing the offline/shared WiFi credential dumping feature so that it's usable from MSF. If you're interested, you can find the archived video here:

@maliciouslink wherein mastodon just becomes a massive cross post with actual twitter.

If you want to avoid long timeline backlogs, spin up or join another instance. Fewer folks on the instance = less timeline backlog possibility ;-)

List at

OH my god, they're getting rid of Unity. PRAISE STALLMAN.

@da_667 HEEEY!!!!

Say something only da_667 would say. So i know you're for reals

Mastodon: Where infosec people went to talk existentially about social media platforms rather than, you know, be social.

@dnlongen Wait, how does that check get put there? Sorry is it a unicode thingy? Apparently I cannot pass the test.

38,542 accounts
+479 in the last hour
+8,750 in the last day
+15,585 in the last week

@Viss *The owner of the favorite of this toot has requested the readers of this toot understand that the favorite's owner has inadvertently favorited said toot, and should forgot that said favorite (and moreover said toot) ever existed and go back to viewing cat photos. That is all.

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