Most people don't know that the Brexit movement was spurred by new EU rules that would have required Hogwarts to install fire escapes

@bignimbus Can't let fire escape from Hogwarts, it's not safe

@Gargron how else would one fight fire but with more fire?

@bignimbus it wasn't so much the fire escapes. They had already installed those. It was the *moving* fire escapes that were at issue...

Ron: oh hell! I set another owl on fire!
Ginny: aqua extinguisha!
Harry: it's not working!!
Hermione: quick! To the fire escape!!
All: [runrunrun]
Fire escape: [grind grind grind]
All: aaaaaah! MORE FIRE!! aaaaaarrrrg!

After fourteen dry runs with 100% fatalities, they decided Brexit was easier.

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