I went to order my afternoon latte and my barista asked me about Mastodon.

Seriously. This actually happened.

All he knows is that I sit in his coffee shop all day working on something having to do with Twitter and that there's a bunch of bad news about Twitter today.


Nothing like this has ever happened before so I'm kind of freaking out.. I mean.. I've never even met someone in real life (outside of WWDC) that knew what Twitterrific was.. and this is like.. what. I mean.. Mastodon is not my product or anything, but like.. WHAT?!

@bigzaphod Baristas knowing about Mastodon seems like bad news *for* Twitter today, too.

@bigzaphod the exodus is real. I am really interested to see where this goes.

@bigzaphod Only one clear answer here... build a Mastodon client.

@bigzaphod the universe is telling you to get on building that mastodon client!

@echoz @bigzaphod
Anyone interested in collaborating on a fork of mastodon to fix the aforementioned blatant security flaws? I figure we have the right community together here to take over the project and make it work much better with added security, privacy, and Bitcoin.

@bigzaphod I used twitteriffic back in like 2009. Enjoyed the heck out of it.

@bigzaphod I often run into people who are like "I know you from Twitter!" and a couple weeks ago someone was like "I know you from Mastodon!" and I real live record scratched

@bigzaphod By building a client you might single handily push even more people over here.

I’d totally pay for Twitterrific’s ui and features. 👍

@bigzaphod this is amazing! Also, I have always believed that coffee shop owners notice way more things than we think they do. ;-)

@bigzaphod that’s pretty awesome! Also kinda terrible. I hate being asked about work stuff outside of work.

@bigzaphod this site is better than the bird site is why. also plz add a gif button k thx

@gregminton yeah... I was shocked. This must be one hell of a migration to Mastodon. There probably hasn't been a social media wave this big since everyone left MySpace for Facebook.

@bigzaphod That's actually wild, the only people I know that know about Mastodon know about it because I keep bugging them to join it

@qonnyr Well recently Twitter has been suspending a lot of people sometimes claiming they are violating rules in some undisclosed way or are suspected bots, when clearly they aren't. The common denominator seems to be be posting anti-war tweets.

@bigzaphod I would pay much or would be found a kickstarter campaign for a Tooterrific ;)

@bigzaphod can’t wait to see the cute mammoth app icon you folks cook up! 😉

@bigzaphod I missed it, what’s the bad twitter news today? I just see Wil Wheaton leaving it as part of the overall movement away from it - is it just the general news?

@karlbecker they are finally actively disabling 3rd party clients (like Twitterrific which I work on) by cutting off a bunch of features. This plus the Nazi/Alex Jones stuff, deactivation day, etc is all quite a backlash.

@bigzaphod @karlbecker If only the author of a highly regarded Twitter client would become interested in Mastodon. That would raise the bar in a hurry. 😀

@bigzaphod ah, I didn’t think that was going to be news to people, since it was a long time coming. It’s amazing how Twitter embraced, extinguished, embraced again with lots of promises, and then extinguished. Maddening.

@bigzaphod I've been wearing my tee around in hopes of people asking. So far the only person who inquired was a waiter in Las Vegas who clearly was just making conversation and regretted his choice of question. :)

@bigzaphod Heh, now I'm thinking about a badge with text ”Ask me about Mastodon” hanging on my lapel.

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