@bigzaphod hey, I'm just happy you're here! The longer you stay, the more frustrated you'll get with the available clients... it'll happen 😜

@bigzaphod I'm now going to take this as a promise for a fully fledged Twitterrific experience for Mastodon and nothing less.

@jamesthomson @bigzaphod Quick! Post it as 100% confirmed and due out later this week to all the news sites! ;-)

@bigzaphod should be :P I bought twitterrific back in the days, would buy a mastodon client instantly!

@bigzaphod Oooh new version of Netbot! Just kidding, love your work.

@bigzaphod wait.. is that.. what i think it is? 😉 version of a new hobby project of yours?

@bigzaphod guess I will use the toot cafe website or pinafore while waiting for the official android app :sadglasses:

@bigzaphod Looks like an RSS feed 😂 out of all seriousness though please do make a client! All of Mastodons clients are either meh or crappy.

@bigzaphod looks like all my unfinished iOS prototypes, which is 100% of my iOS projects.

@bigzaphod The internet will now guilt you into completing the project! #Yes!

@bigzaphod please please make a minimalist fediverse client I will love you forever

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