Programming is great because you can just take that huge messy chuck from the middle of your function and hide it away under a new name in a new function and feel good about how you "cleaned up" the original function by abstracting the internals.

This is exactly how I used to clean my room as a kid - I'd refactor all the junk on the floor to be under my bed. Boom - problem solved.

Ok, let's be honest.. that's still how I clean my room.

@bigzaphod Wait … is that not how it is to be done as an adult?! 😬

@bigzaphod i'll take "what is a module boundary" and "what are contracts" each for $5,000, Alex

@bigzaphod this practice shall now be called "sweeping it under the rug". Lol

@bigzaphod its even better you can put it away in a whole different file

if its really bad you can make it into a *module* and publish it and never have to look inside ever again

its great i can never think about all the horrid things i've done out of laziness or spite

@bigzaphod "yeah, yeah ... I found a new object I hadn't considered before..." 😂

@bigzaphod I've started using code regions instead to remind myself that it's still a mess, and only create separate private methods when I need to reuse code. That's helped keep things actually clean.

@bigzaphod well, that works only so long as you have room under the bed (unless you happen to be hiding a TARDIS under there). :)

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