This probably needs a better icon. And a better name.

@bigzaphod The instant it saves my place in the timeline please, I beg you, let me have it.

@VioletPixel I’m trying out Toot! And so far it stays where I left it when it loads new toots

@ianiv Yeah, I have the Toot! beta, but it's got too many other rough edges for me right now. Thanks for the heads up though!

@bigzaphod First: Mastoriffic. Second: PLEASE let this turn into a real product! Mastodon NEEDS some it’s Twitterrific.

@chartier @bigzaphod
*avoiding anything with Toot. Couldn’t imagine linking a product to a fart.

@chartier @bigzaphod fic sounds like the German word for fuck, so maybe not that

@chucker @chartier @bigzaphod it's not as pronounced in the -iffic subfix, but tootfic sounds like "does fuck", kinda ^^

@bigzaphod I am so here for this… it could ship like that and I’d be on board

Das Toot
Lotus 1-Toot-3
Kingdom Toots
Toot 66

@bigzaphod I mean, it makes sense. I still don’t envy Tapobots having to choose between tootbot and mastobot

@bigzaphod !!!!!

As long as the IAP is two figures or less I will be there.

Unsolicited suggestions:


@bigzaphod Name is perfect. I agree with the Icon. But I'd still buy it. :D

@bigzaphod icon looks good to me - the concentric circles of knowledge atop the conjoined triangles of success

You Sean Heber !!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

@bigzaphod the name ist completely perfect! <3 It shows what it is and it doesn’t deny the Mastodon nameings. I love it!

@bigzaphod Don't know about the icon but I like the name. Fits with your brand :)

@bigzaphod I like the name. I’m working that into my vocabulary for the day.

“How are your eggs?”
“Absolutely Tooterrific!”

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