UThis popped up at the stroke of midnight. I’m on the latest beta. wtf is this?

@bigzaphod I think this is the third iOS 12 beta where I got this popup *after* updating 🤨

@bigzaphod Got it as well. I did the update and then removed the beta profile ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@bigzaphod yup, I’ve also had this happen, but on the previous beta. Looks like this wasn’t fixed, then.

@bigzaphod This showed up twice for me, too. Once this morning before I installed beta 11. And then again directly after I unlocked it after the installation.
I guess they forget to safe the last-checked version somewhere.

@bigzaphod same here. Gotten this multiple times with betas this round.

@bigzaphod happened for me on the last public beta and on the current one as well right after the update.

@bigzaphod it returns even after you install beta 11. I filed a radar.

@bigzaphod I got this both before and after updating to the most recent beta. 😬

@bigzaphod Saw that, too. And yes, *after* instaling beta 11.

@bigzaphod Got this, too. And still have that red badge with a 1 in it. But no update available. Should take it as what it is. A glitch in a beta software.

@bigzaphod Has seen this multiple times, took it for granted to be some stupid bug.

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