I still want to make a Mastodon client, tho.

@bigzaphod I am so clamoring for a native macOS client right now. Whale bird is nice and all but nothing beats native.

@harpaa01 unfortunately due to the coming of Marzipan, there’s not much incentive to start a Mac app at this point since targeting two platforms from one codebase is (hopefully) going to be easier by next year.

@bigzaphod as a developer I agree that is absolutely the sensible choice and I personally have put the brakes on learning more AppKit since I probably will be able to make most apps I want with Marzipan later. As a user I just want all the great Mac apps now.

@octothorpe I don’t think any help is needed, really, but thanks! Mostly I’m just working on the rest of the Iconfactory guys to convince them we should go all in like we did with Twitterrific. 😛

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