Mastodon's web interface should probably treat all local and federated timeline media as potentially NSFW and hide the thumbnails by default. Put a toggle button at the top so it's easy to flip the switch when it's safe, though.

Cuz I totally just saw some things that cannot be unseen when I accidentally clicked on the local timeline button while sitting here in a public coffee shop with people standing behind me. Just sayin'. @Gargron

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@bigzaphod @Gargron +1 I had to stop using either local or federated timelines at work because of the not-infrequent NSFW content not behind a content warning.

Those timelines are really interesting to me, but I also want to keep my job and not get called over to HR. :)

@bigzaphod @Gargron Yes please!

Also I’d like some content warning preferences for my home timeline. I’d prefer to disable text CWs by default unless it contains a filtered word or tag.

The same account (I presume) repeating the same image just appeared continually in the local timeline for me too. Is there a way for moderators to enforce the Content Warning?

@bigzaphod another good reason to switch to a smaller instance.

@fraying @bigzaphod Huh, that’s a good call. I hadn’t thought of it that way.

@bigzaphod @Gargron this is exactly the problem I had the first few days, adult content showing up while I was at the office

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