Just working on my Mastodon client on a Sunday, nbd.

I still don’t know if this will ever ship for real, but it’s kind of crossing the “not a prototype anymore” threshold.

I still worry if there’s enough people that stick to Mastodon to make it a sustainable product or not, but I guess that isn’t stopping me from working on it.

@bigzaphod I think having a really good client app can help with getting folks to stick to Mastodon.

@sanspoint I agree, but it’s a bit of a chicken and egg situation. Hard to know for sure.

@sanspoint @bigzaphod With (apparently) many folk here rolling their own, I do worry that we’ll end up with 20 almost-great clients, when I’d rather have 3 *truly great* clients.
(Tempted to suggest we continue for six months, then regroup and combine those best bits into each other)

@mkflint @sanspoint the ones that stick around and keep being maintained out of those 20 almost-greats are the the ones that turn into the 3 truly-greats. 🙂

@bigzaphod I’m stoked for the app! And one thing you won’t have to worry about is mastodon fucking up the API like twitter did

@bigzaphod a really good client could be the push to make people stay, and then drive more people to Mastodon because of the people remaining and the availability of a good client. I would have never got hooked on Twitter without the third-party clients.

@bigzaphod only one way to find out: Ship It! Hell, I'd probably pay money just for Testflight.

Also: even after all those recent weeks: still no app that's REALLY great. Like, plenty of apps that "do the job" but none that are genuinely good. And I think that's putting plenty of people off.

@nocksock @bigzaphod if it weren‘t for Tweetie I doubt most people would have stuck with Twitter.

@bigzaphod Panic did pull off Unison for a good while. Nothing wrong with being niche.

@bigzaphod personally I’m very excited to see it and here for you when you want testers!

@bigzaphod Been on Mastodon for a year now and I’m still here 👍🏻

@bigzaphod I’m not sure there are enough users now, but I think it’s worth making a bet that the fediverse will grow over time (5-ish years?). It’s pretty cool to see what’s happening with Mastodon, Pixelfed, etc. It’s like being at the beginning of something.

@bigzaphod you know I would buy it! One customer is all you need, right?

@bigzaphod count me in for beta testing and a license if it ever ships

@bigzaphod certainly a concern. Though good third part apps will also make it stickier... I’m using it more since I switched to Toot! On iOS.

I own Tweeterrific and Tweetbot.
I use mastodon more since I have acces to beta of Toot! and Tusky, and I'll be paying for both of them if they're still great when published.
Not affraid to give more bucks for another great one.

@bigzaphod I would still love to see a final hit the App Store, your twitter app was amazing. Still is even if twitter sucked for removing those API’s.. The best Mastodon app still isn’t available yet, yours could get more people to use the service

@bigzaphod I am rooting for this! Hope to see it develop to a product !

@bigzaphod Ah. I still haven’t found a great Mac app. Using mstdn for now, but it’s not great.

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