@bigzaphod Speedy! Had to spread it out so the kiddo could help. We built ours the other week. Really fun build.

@bigzaphod Awesome! I was standing before this so many times. If I would just know where to put it in the apartment

@svenseebeck someone suggested to me to hang it from the ceiling!

@dheadshot there are always are a few pieces left over. I’m not sure how LEGO determines which pieces get extras. Perhaps they portion the pieces by weight and the smaller ones are light enough that they sometimes double count.

@bigzaphod That looks fantastic! I really wanted one but I couldn't justify it for myself

@shadowfacts I couldn't justify it either, but... it happened anyway. 😛

@bigzaphod If I had the opportunity to buy it in person, I'm not sure I could have resisted either :D

@bigzaphod Yeah, it's really great! Wish it took longer to build though 😉

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