Javascript is often horrifying, but it's also sort of refreshing to work in a dynamic language again.

For example, a library I'm using didn't do a thing the way I wanted. No problem - just patch in the way I wanted it to work by replacing the functions on the object's prototype... Swizzling ftw.


I'm sure there's no possible way this will bite me in the ass later.

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@bigzaphod my colleague made a thing so you can add the diff you want to apply to that library in your git repo, and then apply that diff automatically when installing dependencies:

@bigzaphod Me: "Let me do some of these math calculations in the web UI in JavaScript I'm sure it will be fine."

Me 5 minutes later: "Well that was my dumbest idea ever."

@bigzaphod If you're not doing horrifying things with a language's type system, are you even programming?

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