Trying out the 'standard' Javascript linter thingy since I don't need to actually configure it and it rejects unnecessary semicolons. It was already surprisingly close to the style I was using on this project, so not much had to change.


The syntax it uses for declaring functions is a bit odd to me, though:

function name (has, a, space, before, the, args) { }

It's also way picky about not having more than one consecutive newline.

Trailing spaces on lines was another rule I apparently had violated by accident, but I fixed that by discovering (and installing the associated VSCode package) and setting it up to trim those sorts of things.

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VSCode has settings for this stuff itself, but having set up that editorconfig thing is kind of neat. I guess. Maybe.

Oh man I'm wasting so much time on the Javascript meta game right now.

@bigzaphod my team has gone through like standard and are onto prettier and have always modified it slightly. Zero config is a myth

@bigzaphod I just edit .eslintrc.json every time I find a rule I don't like, or something it allows that I don't want allowed. Atom's linter picks the changes up next save.

@bigzaphod just use preetier and add plus in to vs code. It will take care of all meta stuff for you.

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