@bigzaphod oh this looks pretty easy to copy with a short javascript bookmarklet actually

@alinanorakari yeah! I think it's just bolding 1 + some percentage of the number of letters (probably rounded down).

@bigzaphod maybe it could also be bounded by lazy syllable detection through vowels. hm

@alinanorakari of course it's somehow a whole company and patented?! Because of course. bionic-reading.com

@bigzaphod of course, and translating the summary from french, it's also incredibly broad and eh

@bigzaphod @chucker I saw an experiment with something like that which also included coloring the last word or three on a line in a color matching the starting word or three on the next line and that color different from the lines above and below so you have an additional clue reading down the paragraph.

It felt faster but it gave me a bit of a headache. Still interesting to see such experiments though. Just because we’ve had the written word for so long doesn’t mean we’ve perfected it

@bigzaphod @chidgey I expect to see this in the beta of Mastarrific.

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