At long last… I’m about to begin the final episode of season 3. Our long seasonal nightmare is nearly over.

Omg I just saw Shran in the opening credits text. Way to spoiler your own show, Enterprise!

“Here Travis, memorize the entire surface of the sphere. How much surface area could it have? I mean it’s only the size of a moon.”

They just navigated… in space… by saying, “adjust 15 degrees north”. That would surely be utterly meaningless.

Truly a lucky break that the inside of this mostly hollow sphere weapon has gravity.

The Xindi studied the spheres for decades but the Enterprise crew worked out how to destroy them in like a month.

Wait a minute. This sphere weapon is massive, bigger than the ships, but disabling it just involves two explosive charges on a spinning gyroscope thing that’s suspiciously similar in size to the zero g training device that used to be in the Enterprise training room.


I’m not falling for this “Archer is dead” bs. You won’t fool me this time, show!

I’m sure he’ll magically be saved by time traveling guy and we’ll have to suffer another season.

It’s a lie, Porthos! There’s no way he’s dead! Be strong, dog! Don’t let them gaslight you. You deserve ALL the cheese.

Uh oh. Nazis. Hope someone is ready to get punchin’.

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