Whew. Season 3 was… something. A thing that existed.

Hopefully I can survive season 4.

Archer just punched a Nazi. This season is starting off on the right foot!

Hang on, these nazi aliens aren’t red skull. wtf is going on here.

Uh oh. Suliban. (The writers remembered them!)

@bigzaphod it’s a bit of a ride. I hate that nazi two-parter. Season gets better.

@chucker @bigzaphod I think of the Nazi two parter as “unexpectedly renewed, now what do we do?”

@tewha @bigzaphod maybe… I think Brannon “time travel” Braga gets a bit too into it sometimes

@chucker @bigzaphod Braga was out for season 4! That Nazi cliffhanger was his final gift to the new showrunner. "Resolve this, somehow!"

@chucker @bigzaphod New showruner Manny Coto's first episode as a writer was the Trip clone episode, which isn't perfect but is a hell of a first at-bat.

@tewha @bigzaphod it just seemed really forced and cheap to end S3 with that cliffhanger. “PLOT TWIST!!”

(Maybe it hit better in 2004? By 2022 TV standards, it’s like The CW levels of drama)

Anyway, back to Sean’s decidedly experience with this series 😆

@chucker @bigzaphod I agree, which is why I think of it as Braga's "fuck you" to the next showrunner. :)

@tewha @bigzaphod yeah. Seems he really burnt bridges at the time. With Moore, too.

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