At long last… I’m about to begin the final episode of season 3. Our long seasonal nightmare is nearly over.

Omg I just saw Shran in the opening credits text. Way to spoiler your own show, Enterprise!

“Here Travis, memorize the entire surface of the sphere. How much surface area could it have? I mean it’s only the size of a moon.”

They just navigated… in space… by saying, “adjust 15 degrees north”. That would surely be utterly meaningless.

@bigzaphod IIRC, Star Trek uses “galactic north”/south/etc. to refer to directions parallel to the plane of the galaxy, with the north/south axis dividing the delta and beta quadrants (on the eastern side) from the gamma and alpha quadrants (on the western side). Earth is south of galactic center, directly on alpha/beta line.

I have a book of star charts which I could scan some pictures from tomorrow if you’re interested.


@rdnlsmith that sounds familiar, although I don’t recall them using it to make small navigation adjustments. But then again they aren’t always very consistent. (And I’m not always paying close attention.)

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