My T-Mobile SIMs are supposed to arrive today and now I can't think about anything else. They're just stupid SIM cards. Not like it's a new laptop or anything.

Stupid brain.

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@bigzaphod It's always so cute to hear US-Americans talk about T-Mobile. Here in Germany, that's the near-monopoly, former government-owned phone provider. In the US, they're the plucky little upstart that everyone ties their hopes and dreams to. It's all just a matter of scale, I suppose. And different levels of success/penetration in different markets.

@uliwitness well T-Mobile appears to be one of the cheapest of the big providers here, which I suppose they had to do in order to make a dent in the AT&T/Verizon dominated markets. But they're nationwide, so not exactly small.

@bigzaphod I went through that a few months ago trying a new service. Haha.

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