The newer episodes of Hoarders are filmed with drones - I can frequently see their shadows in the shots. Imagining how difficult it must be to pilot them through some of these trashed houses.

@bigzaphod It's probably for the safety of the crew to just have a drone go in there.

@DarkWraithLord it’s got to be a lot nicer using the drones. The earlier episodes clearly didn’t. Those camera folks have seen (and stepped in) some serious stuff, I’m sure.

@bigzaphod Oh for sure, I watched back in the day of cable and it was disgusting. Can't imagine the smell too.

@bigzaphod is there a good reason to use drones inside? Is this somehow a cost saving thing? I can’t imagine this is as practical as just walking through????

@axiixc I dunno, from a health and safety point of view I could totally see it being worth it. Some of these houses are genuine hazmat situations.

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