I wrote up a series of blog posts about our experiences while building Wallaroo wallaroo.app in . The first article is up today with more coming over the course of the week. Let my pain be your gain! blog.iconfactory.com/2022/09/w


Part 2 of my series about building Wallaroo in is up! This time I talk about how I implemented parallax and blurs: blog.iconfactory.com/2022/09/w

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I just published part 3 of my Wallaroo and series! Today I talk about a couple of performance issues that came up and why I wrote my own AsyncImage. blog.iconfactory.com/2022/09/w

@Gargron I shouted out Mastodon in the post since I would never have known about it otherwise!

@bigzaphod Way, way back in the iOS 5 days I had to return a placeholder image on first call even if there was a cached image. Just pulling the (properly scaled) image from the cache slowed things down.

I'm glad things have got this much faster.

@tewha oh yeah I remember those days. It was part of why I went down the road of making a complex caching system before I realized I didn't even need it. I assumed I still did - but nope! In this case, being able to use async to decode/fetch the images is a huge win because it can happen on another thread (likely another whole core) while layout is still happening, too!

@bigzaphod sometimes the hardest part of being a professional coder is knowing what code shouldn't be written. And one of the most pride-injuring tasks can be figuring out which code should be deleted.

but it feels so good after!

@bigzaphod I'm sure you've read this Bill Atkinson tale (though I'll link just in case) but I try to filter through it.


@tewha I love deleting older code. I hate deleting code that's like... a day old, though.

@bigzaphod yeah. I try to stay positive. “Look how many things I learned overnight!” But it doesn’t work.

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