My house septic/sewer problems that we've been working on getting fixed for close to 3 years has FINALLY started today!

There's no bureaucracy like city bureaucracy.

So happy to look forward to flushing with peace of mind!

(Not looking forward to the bill, though...)

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Watching my guy digging all day by himself kind of makes me feel like a total slacker sitting on my ass in my house typing stuff into a computer.

@bigzaphod Ugh. My parents had to go through all of that a few years back. It took them three years to get things started and then another four months to finish because the contractors were garbage. I hope yours is a smoother process!

@thatkruegergirl ouch! So far things are going pretty smoothly. My contractor is my cousin-in-law so he has some additional incentive, maybe. lol

@bigzaphod As long as you don't go taunting him like Dr Hathaway ("you're supposed to be laboring!"), it's probably a fair trade. Bashing your head on a computer's just as rough as digging a hole, we just can't see the damage.

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