Camping out at mom's since my house is cut off from sewer service for the day. She only pays for the cheapest fiber option that was offered because she hardly uses it for anything - 150Mbps. My house gets 40Mbps on a good day with our only ISP option. 😧

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@a well that sucks. Too bad Starlink is so damn expensive.. and owned by Musk.

@bigzaphod Musk certainly makes it worse, but I don’t think I can bring myself to pay for that service given the damage it’s doing to things like astronomy and the night sky.

@bigzaphod I’m fortunate enough to have access to 300Mbps internet, though embarrassingly I failed to realize it for a few years:

@rdnlsmith lol! My mom actually lived with super intermittent and slow speeds (like 15Mbps or less sometimes) for years even after getting fiber and she never noticed. I always thought it weird the speed tests I ran were so slow, but since she never complained I didn’t really investigate for her. Just a few months ago I finally discovered her wifi router was failing, replaced it, and boom - 150Mbps.

@rdnlsmith we only uncovered this because she noticed that whenever she used the microwave her wifi stopped working. And I was like, “uhhh… that’s not right…” At first figured the microwave was leaking, but then discovered when her A/C turned on speeds plummeted too. Basically anything that added a bit of electrical noise (motors). It turned out the wifi router was just *that* bad. I’m guessing the internal antennas failed or had a broken connection or something. Amazing it worked at all.

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