We’re not fighting… just… uhhh… hugging. Yeah, hugging. What are you lookin’ at?

The poor bugger hung there like this for a couple of minutes. Of course the moment I stopped filming it dropped down to the ground right in front of us and hopped away to work up the courage to try again.

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It glided down the driveway toward its home tree but then it became apparent it wasn't getting the lift it probably was hoping to for and ended up having a rather embarrassing landing...

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Went out to check on Little Hawk again and it was still chilling about where we left it last time. We hung out with it for a bit and suggested that maybe it was time to try flying again since it had been sitting there for like 4 hours. Mostly it just looked at us and chirped. Until...

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Little hawk is hanging out in the yard again today. Had to rescue it from the dogs, so it was a bit riled up but it let me get super close.

Uhhhh. There's a bug *inside* of my monitor. What... do I do?

These are the only Intel processes left on my Mac and of course they're all Unity's fault. I wonder how long we'll have to wait for them to upgrade these to Apple Silicon?

This still takes forever even on my fancy new laptop. As is the tradition.

Luckily is seems okay inside the box so far. The bottom of the device has "MacBook Pro" etched into it! Neat! (Also this 16" monster feels positively huge after getting used to a 13".)

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It looks like FedEx dragged this box through a war zone. I hope it's okay inside!

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Not only is my laptop on its way, but I got these SWEET Frenzic: Overtime framed posters today, too! I immediately hung them on the bare wall behind my desk. They were designed by Anthony and sent by Gedeon. It's like Christmas!

I hope macOS Ventura changes the mac startup chime to, "alrighty then!"

Holy cow the way iPadOS 16 can just separate subjects from the background on a simple drag from Photos is really impressive. This is going to change meme-making forever.

As far as I can remember, I’ve only been to twice: in 2010 and 2011. I found the 2011 badge so at least that one must have actually happened! @wwdc

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