Commander Tucker is always so unprofessional. I don’t especially like him. I suppose maybe we aren’t supposed to. But his character has that element of, “I’m super talented at engineering so that allows me to be a bit of an insubordinate asshole.”

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I like this Enterprise plot line about the Andorians and Tellarites and Romulans as a peek into how the Federation actually gets started and why humans are at the center of it. There should have been a lot more of this over the course of the show.

@mcc I guess you have to look at them from the right angles.

There's only one sunset per day and if you don't see it that day, you'll never be able to see it again and we just kind of accept that as no big deal.

Of course the sun doesn't *actually* ever set at all and it's just an illusion and that, too, is something we just kind of accept as no big deal.

@TrechNex I don't care how many shows and movies he's been in, he'll always be "Dr. Cox from Scrubs" to me.

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Wordle 374 4/6



Stupid 179 1/1/2

@chartier The best way to get me to eat anything is to just put it in front of me.

So I totally get why that works.


uspol hearings 

@Konrad I said I didn't know why! 😛

I'm not old enough for watergate, but my understanding was there was a similar turning point hearing there where suddenly the tide shifted. I'm thinking it's this one. But.. no way to know but to wait and see, I suppose.

uspol hearings 

This hearing is over the top. I don't know why, but this feels like a watershed one. Like this is gonna change the conversation.

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Omg they’re in decontamination and they aren’t naked and rubbing each other down! Has the show evolved?!

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@jvb noted 😛 Although I wasn’t the original creator of Twitterrific.

Fun Enterprise teaser where Reed and Mayweather are apparently possessed by some observing aliens.

You know, in hindsight it's pretty wild how everyone just accepted that social media apps put new content at the top instead of the bottom of your screen.

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