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Wordle 328 4/6 


I love how Captain Janeway is so bad at cooking that even her food replicator seems to frequently break down in protest.

I haven’t been keeping track, but it seems like there’s at least a dozen or so Voyager episodes that have *very* similar plots to SG-1 episodes.

I hate it when a stray graviton pulse ruins dinner. And to top it off, reversing the polarity of the shields didn’t help!

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With crypto crashing maybe I’ll be able to afford a video card

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Counting down the hours until my chiropractor appointment and hoping they can find something fixable. Otherwise gonna have to try PT or maybe get some scans... or... give up computers and move to a cave in the mountains... not sure which.

Up until now I've honestly only heard good things about working there.

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Wow, a possible cause identified for SIDS? That seems like a big deal. SIDS is a terrifying thing in the early months of parenthood. Will be great if this can lead to prevention.

On the Mastodon simple web interface, if I'm scrolled down on my home timeline and then click on Notifications (or any other tab), and then click "home", it loses my scroll position - I'm sent to the top of the home timeline.

I really wish it would remember where I was when I leave and return to home like this.

Curiously, clicking the browser's back button DOES remember the scroll position but I have to back through multiple tabs I might have looked at before I get home which is odd. @Gargron

I’ve been trying for over a week to figure out the ergonomics of my desk and to try to fix whatever is causing my shoulder and neck pain. I’ve not had much luck, I think, or something major is wrong. I’m in excruciating pain now.

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@bigzaphod There's an opening for a LIDAR app that measures the person, their chair, desk, monitor etc., and *suggests* an ideal environment. And posture. And monitors it for transgressions.

Gamify it and it'll be the start of something big. And something terrible. ;)

Still trying to dial in a good monitor height. I think I discovered a flaw with my prior measuring which I always did while I was sitting pretty stiffly upright in my chair. In reality, I just can't maintain that position all day not to mention the chair reclines a little bit even when it's "locked." A tiny angle change makes a pretty big eye-alignment difference (thanks physics).

I've lowered my screen a little bit more this morning and it's starting to feel more comfortable now. We'll see...

In the meantime, the has a little bit of the feeling that a 50s diner probably has for the boomers. I don't like what that implies about my age, but maybe I'm okay with it.

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I suspect that going forward, Twitter is more or less going to end up being like Facebook - perhaps not in function, but I think it might get stuck in a generational bubble. This time my (our?) generation are the "olds." But the kids will probably eventually land somewhere else entirely. (Discord is already big, but maybe not even there - I'm too out of touch to guess.)

I'm not sure the kids will come to the - but you never know.

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Over time it seemed that Facebook became the place our parents' generation hung out instead. When you're in your early 20s, who wants to hang with their parents?

Eventually Twitter came along and the parents didn't really "get it." That became the place to be.

Until the politicians and brands discovered it, anyway.

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