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Coffee and tea don't count as breaking fast, but the jury is somewhat split as to if it counts when you add a splash of half-and-half or not. I'm going to go with the theory that a tablespoon or so of half-and-half doesn't have enough calories in it to count as breaking fast. It is perhaps a minor cheat, but it doesn't seem catastrophic.

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I'm going to attempt to do the 16:8 plan which is just "don't eat anything for 16 hours" followed by "eat whatever when you're hungry during the next 8 hours." Given my late-rising, I can buy some hours easily by skipping breakfast (which has been nothing more than a PopTart every morning for years). Unfortunately it also means no snacking after about 8pm which is going to be difficult since that's TV-watchin' time.

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Been looking into intermittent fasting which at first sounds kind of extreme, but really it seems to mostly boil down to, "stop eating except at mealtimes," which surprisingly turns out to be kind of hard. lol

I've watched the Star Wars Andor trailer like 4 or 5 times today. I can't get over how amazing it feels.

I’m coming off of duloxetine (cymbalta) and good lord the withdrawal effects have been brutal. I’m so tired.

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In ST3: The Search for Spock, when Spock's father comes to Kirk's apartment, this sculpture is hanging in the background.

Last night I realized it's the same sculpture that's been in my family for decades, and now hangs on my fireplace. 🤯

I am now following and and using the new hashtag following feature on

We're going to watch "The Arrival" tonight for movie night - not to be confused with "Arrival" (which we've already watched for movie night awhile back).

Whoa. Hashtag following happened 17 days ago and I'm only just finding out now?!

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Oh wow... looks like the hashtag following feature for Mastodon is already being tested on some servers!

If you're on (and I assume you should see a hashtag following icon in the top right corner of hashtag searches.

#Mastodon #Hashtags

Oh - perhaps you were wondering why I put a circular bump in the middle of my hexagon tile holders. Well, this is why!

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An update for Frenzic: Overtime hit Apple Arcade last night! It adds chapter 2 levels into the daily challenge mode, and if campaign mode is a bit to... frenzic... there's now a switch in settings to slow down the timers/AI.

If you have more than $10k don't forget to mention that, too. I mean.. I'm not picky. I'd still take it.

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If you have a spare $10k you don't need, let me know. I'll totally take if off your hands. Wouldn't want you to have to carry all that cash around in your pocket - it could hurt your back. Really I'm doing you a service.

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Oh no. I started reading all about the Prusa XL printer and the new printhead and now I want it. Then I read more about the resin printer and I want it too.

I suddenly *need* like $10k to waste solely on all the 3D printers I'll obsessively use for a week or two a few times a year. It's important!!!

But perhaps that was the bulk of the fun because now that the pieces work I feel like I have nothing fun to do anymore. 😛

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Anyway this has been quite an iterative process because the female part of the interlocking design has to be bigger than the male part - I can't just subtract one shape from the other to make the interlock because when it prints out, the plastic expands a bit and then the parts don't fit together. Fun stuff - and using TinkerCAD meant it was a lot of trial and error because I couldn't easily just move the lines I wanted to move sometimes.

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Luckily the imprecision of 3D printing probably hides a bunch of little things.. lol

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