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My oldest has most of Hamilton memorized. There are definitely worse things to memorize.

Guy on Hoarders had old food that was packaged in 1977. Holy crap.

Had the kids play some old NES/Sega games on OpenEmu and they mostly just complained how hard they all were. looooool

The psychologists on Hoarders are mandatory reporters and it seems that some of the people are not aware of that when they first show up. Awkward.

Yay the App Store finally let us release our new app!

Introducing Wallaroo: Wallpapers just for you!

Sigh. Can't even release our new app because App Store Connect is broken.

I swear all of Apple's infrastructure is hanging by a thread.

Thor: Love and Thunder 

I'm not sure the movie made much sense, but I didn't really care, tbh.

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Thor: Love and Thunder 

Seriously I loved this movie it was so ridiculous and over the top - but then again I kind of love Thor and I especially love ridiculous Thor. And goats.

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Thor: Love and Thunder 

Holy shit Roy Kent is entering the MCU?!

I like the shader that warps the screen like a classic CRT - plus you can't play without the scan lines since the artwork just looks wrong without them.

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Busted out some classic Lode Runner (NES) today using OpenEmu. It's still pretty fun! IMO a lot of modern games simply try too hard.

I used to have a home-brew blog like 15 years ago - just a simple PHP+MySQL thing. It was generally good enough, tbh, but now there are so many different options, standards, formats, whatever not to mention security concerns and whatnot.

I looked at static site generators, but they all seem overly complex and held together with duct tape - which is sort of ironic because most of them bill themselves as "simple" when they are anything but that.

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I keep thinking I should maybe install some kind of blog somewhere just to have one standing by for when I suddenly decide I need to rant or think about something in a way that's too big for, say, Mastodon... but every time I look into it there seems to be almost no maintained alternatives to WordPress. Everything else seems dead by comparison - no updates for years, etc. Sure, I could setup Wordpress, but it just feels so dang heavy. (Not to mention constantly attacked.)

We're having a hell of a time getting our new app through App Review this time. Launch day for iOS 16 is tomorrow and we're still in limbo.

Tonight's movie will be Thor: Love and Thunder.

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Job interviewer: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Me: I would say my biggest weakness is listening.

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