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if you think. my constant stream of rat thoughts are annoying. please think of my other thoughts. thank you.


listened to the first 30 seconds of that dj earworm 2009 remix and immediately started sobbing

its hard to simply exist. if you have energy to spare, and kindness you want to share. reassure your friends, tell them how much you love them. please

sometimes u gotta shake ur brain outta edgy thoughts and refresh the etchasketch

you know what. being distant and actively choosing to not care about anything doesn,t make you cool or brave. being genuine and sharing your love makes you cool. its so fucking brave to open yourself up, and allow your feelings to flow freely

i love my tootuals. i want you all to know you're amazing i think the world of you

Hot Take, Orcs Are Way Sexier Than Elves

oh how i long for the days where the timeline moved at such a speed that it felt like getting punched in the gut repeatedly. it was so exciting

i come back online to shout the first ten things i think of and then i slip back into the void

if u have a hooked. or arched nose. congratulations! you,re sexy

also. i hope you,re all as happy as you deserve to be. you guys are all so good. it always makes me happy to come back , and see you having fun and bein nice. πŸ’•πŸ

hi remember someone out there loves you and if you can't think of anyone that's okay. ily and im here for you

what are the good realms on wow nowadays. i like the one called fenris just bc it reminds me of Sexy Elves

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