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ok. now real bedtime hours. hope u all, rest well and have a lovely day tomoro. much love πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ

i spent like twenty minutes trying to upload my rat in a chrismis scarf gif and it wouldnt work right : (

@biholy i will gladly accept all rattie blessings, may you be blessed with many yogurt drops πŸ’–

absolutely adoring the rat love on the tl. you,re doing excellent work

my lack of rp knowledge is probably why i see u rp accounts. Just As the Character.

i know i go on kindness rants often, but i just like to see you all happy and filled with love

its just!!!! its easy to feel unwanted, and unimportant. try to add some extra love into the world. spread your kindness., write a long note to your friend. create something, and gift it to someone you love. remind people that you care. please

telling someone that you love them and they make you happy isnt embarassing. theres nothing wrong with making the people around you feel as important as they are. dont be afraid to say your feelings out loud . πŸ’—πŸ

u know whats good. being genuine with other people. is always nice to make jokes but sometimes, sometimes its real nice to hear how much you truly mean to someone

i don,t say it enough but u guys and ur shenanigans always make me smile

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