@phryne yessss! I see this shit all the time! Skirt chasing man feminists are fucking scum too

Just here to remind everyone that performative allyship is boring & your subtoots offer nothing constructive! If you have the privilege + ability to protect & defend others and all you do with that is post that some people in the world are Just Not Good Okay? But you clam up in real time when there's real, actual terf/swerf danger you're so good at stirring up on Twitter? Get in the fucking bin you utter loser thanks for coming pals

i lost my ability to suspend my disbelief at this movie when it implied that detroit could somehow afford to buy a big ass fleet of brand new ford tauruses let alone one used one

@Slipperywerm Logging Off is an urban legend. Made up to scare kids.

@Slipperywerm I'll only log off when I'm cancelled and not a moment before!

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if you consider yourself supportive of trans people but think there's a middle ground or that you can go "too far", you're not an ally. You're a fan of being the Good Guy and can't be trusted to risk looking bad for the sake of justice. We're far better off without your fairweather support discrediting us. :blobcoffee:

So I'll just share my perspective on main:
If you don't support sex workers and trans people's rights of self determination and self defense, miss me with your ignorance. Ho ahead. Unfollow me, before I find and block you.

If you have a problem with TERF/SWERF as meanie-words, you really won't like what else I'll call you.

Love makes no room for bigotry.

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