so the latex i was going to use for attaching my mask bits has dried out which isn't great but on the plus side i made a friend named bodum and they are lovely and sqwishy and valid as.

swerf/terf mention, swearing 

this toilet wall's level of discourse is familiar

i know it's objectively the worst but i will never stop chuckling at this. the mixed type, the pastiche of iconography, the sloganeering, it's a monstrosity

this is the level of discourse. i love you all so much you maniacs

ph (-), selfie (ok to boost) 

rugged up and feelin' like sheeeeiiiiiit

cw: egregiously australian shitpost 

wombat poop is square

i am sorry i cannot toot cray lewds

can i interest you instead in some

dead pope and his best friend, dead pope (with smaller hat


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