As a kid I was told that thieves carry out their deceit in the garb of night.

There is still so much support for & faith in Congress Party across India. Wish the party stopped "playing dead" & become more pro-active .

Lost: Indian Opposition

Today, was taking a cab ride. The driver was a BJP voter. By the end of the ride, I was able to convert him into a potential Congress voter.

He had no idea about the issues our economy is facing, the job losses, slowdown, electoral bonds etc.

The reason why most people don't know anything about this is a mute opposition.

Most people are not Bhakts. They will vote if they understand the issues. The opposition needs to go out and explain it to them.

In Indian history, there have been few dynasties as good as that of Kakatiyas of Warangal. They were of Shudra origin, and unlike many other Shudra origin Kings were happy to accept this. They did not try to trace their origin to the sun, or moon or to some God.

Almost half of their nobleman were from humble background and there was general upward social mobility during this time.



In a forest the Lion, Tiger, Giraffe, Monkey, Snake and a Goldfish in a bowl went to Jungle school to learn. While everyone learned even though they came from different races, the Goldfish had to keep jumping out of her bowl just to let listen. Kept struggling till the class ended and yet couldn't learn.

We still ignore Children with Learning Disabilities like the Goldfish.

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Random reminder to not give in to propaganda and fact check everything:

When Muslim rulers of North (specifically Khilji) first thought of venturing into the Deccan, the first empire to fall down was Devagiri of the illustrious Yadavas.

During the war, Yadavas were winning. That is when Khilji manufactured a hoax that 20,000 fresh cavalry were on their way. At a distance, he sent 1000 horses to create a dust storm. Yadavas gave in.

Never believe anything until you see it.

*Lit. Alert*

Shooting An Elephant:

A moving short-story by Geroge Orwell, chronicling his experience of shooting an elephant while serving as a police officer in British Burma. It lays bare the human tendency of giving in to
populism. Whether it be demagogues destroying nations, cheered on by the crowd, or judges allowing popular demands to cloud their sense of reason, this story beautifully depicts how the actions unfold within the mind of the protagonist.

@reliancejio about to become a monopoly player as both Airtel and Vodafone suffer huge losses. An unfortunate turn of events for the industry. This is a government-made disaster. Questions must be raised on how Jio came on to hold this position.

*Social Media Bashing Alert*

Most of us know that companies like FB and Twitter violate our privacy, sell our data and try to influence us.

How many of you know that they also try to influence us emotionally? Mostly negatively. It is called creating massive scale emotional contagion.

This is to create insecurities, which would then lead to purchases through these sites.

Now you know why social media is so negative.

Read this:

Supporting Shiv Sena will be a political suicide for Congress-NCP. They should have waited for a re-election.

That is why when Tipu died there were celebrations across Great Britain.

He dominated British popular conscience for almost his entire adult life and was the most famous Indian there during his times.

His land was plundered so bad after his killing that today one can find Tipu memorabilia in almost every single museum in UK.

Even then some have the courage to say Tipu was a tyrant. Yes he was a tyrant, but only from the British perspective.

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Marathas may have been brave. Hyderabad nizams may have had a lot of wealth. But the only intelligent, shrewd and strategic ruler in the 1750s was Tipu Sultan. Had others cooperated with him, India never would have fallen into British hands.

He knew diplomacy (he partnered with the French and Turks against Brits).

He knew military technology. (He is claimed to be the inventor of early rocketry).

He understood British designs. (He banned Brits from entering Mysore without permission).

Someone tell them to go do Kar Seva and build Ram Temple.

As I said in my last tweet, those singing "Ram Lalla Aayenge", should know, "aap sabke jobs jaayenge".

This wouldn't have happened if a PM talking about jobs would have been voted.

Hence, it is required that we all ask for more from our political masters. It's easy to build temples. Not so easy to save jobs and environment.

A good solution to solve both climate crisis and job loss is to create a job creation and skill training fund.

The fund will draw money from a carbon tax. This way the money will come from those who have money and go to those who need it the most. Any thoughts on this???

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A problem which is of similar magnitude to that of climate change is that of Job Loss.

Almost 48% jobs today are at a high risk of being replaced by Robots and AI. Mostly these jobs are in service (yes techies I am looking at you) and manufacturing industries.

So all those today who revel and sing that "Ram Lalla aayenge", know that in a few years, "aap sabke jobs jaayenge".

Time and again it has been said that humans are innovative and necessity is the mother of invention. Essentially, all of us are waiting for free lunch to be served.

For example, it is believed that as clean energy becomes cheaper, we will stop using fossil. But think again. If people stopped using fossils, their prices will fall, and poor countries will be tempted to use them. And we have enough fossil to go till doomsday.

This time around there is going to be no free lunch.

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Reading a book, I realised how deep we are into the problem of climate change.

Just to set things in perspective:

A 2% rise in temperature would cause 99% of coral reefs to vanish by the end of the century.

A 1.5% rise would cause 78% of them to vanish.

What humanity pledged in Paris conference was to limit the rise to 1.5% by 2050.

Even that seems to have fallen apart and we aren't ready to achieve the goal we set in 2015. It's already 2020.

We are doomed.

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When a slowdown hit us, these guys said no slowdown. When they admit slowdown, things must be much worse. Are we nearing a recession?

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