Just wanted to let you know that I dislike copyleft licenses. They effectively make my (personal) life as a developer harder due to IP restrictions on the client's side and I don't consider them "free software".

It does not really add constraints to your project if the license tells you to name the author. But it does, if it tells you you're not allowed to combine it / link against it in software that you are not allowed to publish for any reason.

That's not really "free" to me. 🤔 Opinions?


@thomas The real problem are MPL & CDDL. They're the only real GPL incompatible ones.

@thomas Want to add that for libraries I use BSD 3, Boost, MIT, Apache 2.0 or LGPL. Only for end software I use GPL or AGPL. But I would never support/use MPL/CDDL. Even Apache 2.0 is incompatible with them.

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