So, I'm fairly proficient at Python, but learned it back in 2.2/2.3 or so and kept up until about 3.5. Lately I have the feeling that 3.7 and particularly 3.8 are game-changers.
Are there any resources to re-learn modern #Python, but assuming that one already knows it?
Just don't feel like going through all the changelogs and PEPs >,<.


@evilham Yeah dataclasses and type safe constructors are easy to learn and nice.

@bionade24 I'm more looking for the little awesome things like f-strings, type hints (and actually using them), the ways packaging has changed, etc.
The basis of the language is the same, even after all the byte/unicode and generator changes; those I have picked up on, but there are a bunch of more "minor" things I haven't.
So, in a way, I need to re-learn Python, but also I know it already, and there doesn't seem to be material addressing this particular situation.

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