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oops, it's me, da borbhoars, and dis is my pinned toot

Check here to see if commissions are opened:



Discord: Vesperyl#3651
Art account:

Switch friend code: SW-6327-8610-0132

vulpine club looks tantalizing, so quick, someone convince me otherwise if you so wish

or convince me even more to go there

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y'know what

i changed my @ name on borbsite

so i'm gonna do that here

problem is i can't do that without making a new account (not complaining)

so i'm gonna move my entire self to a new account, on a new instance

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shoutouts to everyone who has the exact same scorbunny avatar

nah that bot doesn't seem to reply to someone multiple times

what a weird bot

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what in the name of fuck is this horrible reply to my toot,

content warning for uhhh idfk, racism and nazism i guess since this shit's absurd

sorry i can't help you, she is currently screaming

"I would suck dicks for 1 sticks" - SimpleFlips, 2019

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Thought: part of the reason for the popularity of survival games is that the idea of being able to fulfill your own basic needs without buying into capitalism is really appealing to a lot of people.

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