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oops, it's me, da borbhoars, and dis is my pinned toot

Check here to see if commissions are opened:



Discord: Vesperyl#3651
Art account: @birbhorse

Switch friend code: SW-6327-8610-0132

petting Her past her bedtime is strictly prohibited

what a time to discover my headphone cord got borked when i realized the left speaker wasn't working when listening to a megalovania meme video

i look back to smash 4, and i say

"...wait, lucas and roy was DLC for smash 4, wtf"

you have entered the horse zone, good luck

racism, transphobia, horrible youtuber at it again Show more

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why give out hugs, when you can give out b u g s

she bleps

but she also bleps

but most importantly, she bleps

on the internet, nobody knows you're a bat pretending to be a horse

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