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oops, it's me, da borbhoars, and dis is my pinned toot

Check here to see if commissions are opened:



Discord: Vesperyl#3651
Art account: @birbhorse

Switch friend code: SW-6327-8610-0132

vulpine club looks tantalizing, so quick, someone convince me otherwise if you so wish

or convince me even more to go there

y'know what

i changed my @ name on borbsite

so i'm gonna do that here

problem is i can't do that without making a new account (not complaining)

so i'm gonna move my entire self to a new account, on a new instance

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shoutouts to everyone who has the exact same scorbunny avatar

nah that bot doesn't seem to reply to someone multiple times

what a weird bot

what in the name of fuck is this horrible reply to my toot,

content warning for uhhh idfk, racism and nazism i guess since this shit's absurd

sorry i can't help you, she is currently screaming

"I would suck dicks for 1 sticks" - SimpleFlips, 2019

the trick to comedy on mastodon is to not

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