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so uhhh, rumor has it that Sonic Mania got the Denuvo DRM removed, sooooo

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my favorite tf2 map is the one where there's a horse

notch discussion, image provided is when he was actually good 

lmao remember the time notch was actually progressive and good about stuff?

if there is Horse, there is Life

without Horse, there is no Life

40 bats vaguely formed into the shape of a human confirmed for Smash

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people who post screenshots of their phones when they're at 5% are the reason why we can't have nice things

"Puyo Puyo Tetris & Dr. Mario" needs to exist

if de_dust2 is so good, why isn't there a de_dust2 2

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i'm not even joking, i wish i had receipts but i delet'd almost all of my tweets on the account i @'d him on

his account does exist here tho, but sadly it's inactive

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