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Late Mastodon introduction toot? I'll give it a shot.

My name is Will, I'm a 20-something male in the Los Angeles area. I'm a part of the furry community and my character is a big dumb bird.

Some things about me:
β€’ Cross-platform mobile development, professionally
β€’ Random C#/Python/Ruby/PHP dev as a hobby
β€’ Let's Plays on YouTube and streams on Twitch
β€’ Big Zelda nerd
β€’ Bisexual and in a relationship

Here is my dumb birb character

me: jeez I've been looking at the tv for too long, my eyes are getting all dry and watery oh no honey, have you tried blinking?

Should I hold another Twitter raffle for a free ebooks bot like,,,, etc?

I'm going to tweet that terf is not a slur every day until I'm suspended

Twitter is a hellsite that ruins your life. with any luck i can be suspended and finally be free from this curse.

β€’ TERF is not a slur, it is an acronym.
β€’ Capitalism is inherently unethical.
β€’ Fuck cops
β€’ Fuck ICE

This is not an invitation for debate.


I feel super bad for Like yeah, they messed up, but it still really sucks. That being said, it's not the end of the world. Life goes on, even if it might not feel that way for them right now.

me: hey hon, did you see ligma was in the paper?

her: i think we should see other people

me: haha ligma balls bitch made one damn fine looking quiche πŸ₯š

So after making my strawberry jam, I wanted to experiment by making fruit butter! (A bit of a misnomer because it doesn't actually have any butter or dairy in it).

My first test batch was raspberry and blackberry fruit butter!

I got to wear Luna! Thanks! ✨ playing Okami: yeah Issun is basically a fuckboi Navi

Mastodon as a concept is cool. but i feel like it's just not there quite enough for me. can't migrate instances, i constantly have notification issues, no super solid Android clients. damn shame

is there a way to cw a toot without using the actual cw feature? like, can i do it just by using the main text box?

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