Hey everyone, I'm going to be going on a vacation to Oregon next week.

For my own mental health, I'm going to be taking an extended break from here with no set date of returning.

If you need to get in touch with me, I'll be on Telegram!

clerk: find everything alright?

speedrunner: once i found the cereal, i did a backwards longjump against the flour section, which caused a byte overflow and allowed me to obtain the eggs early in aisle 4

clerk: please stop shopping here

i legit think i would be happier without Twitter in my life. i did it with FB years ago, it might be time to do it with Twitter. if it's not news about mass shootings with no end in sight, it's callout posts, politics, or just general negativity. positivity rarely shows through

hey real quick
β€’ fuck the NRA
β€’ fuck your gun rights

not open for discussion if you disagree, fuck you too πŸ‘Œ

I'm trying to reduce my Twitter usage by replacing the icon for it with the Neko Atsume app on my home screen, to combat my muscle memory

is there a way i can just block all users who have a string of five numbers or longer in their handle? they're like, either always morons or always bots.

like, block everyone matching /\d{5,}/g

I'm testing a new implementation of my tweet scraper, this time in C# instead of Python, and apparently I've made literally exactly 5,000 tweets in 2018 so far. i thought i had a bug because what the fuck are the odds of that.

damn, today i got an actual letter in the mail today from my adjacent neighbor and he really doesn't like morning glories apparently??

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