I still like it here, but I even feel like my affinity for the platform is waning. I'm still checking in a couple times a day and I still like the people I talk to here, but stories like Wil's puts the "Mastodon magic" in sharp clarity for me: people will be terrible on any platform. When the solution to Wheaton's "I'm being harassed constantly" problem was to suspend his account...I just don't know 😐

Wil Wheaton's experience on Mastodon is brutal. Isn't Mastodon supposed to be a "good place"? Aren't the community rules supposed to make it so people with good intentions can have a good time?

If it's taken just weeks for someone with a large following to have the exact same experience as they did on Twitter, maybe Mastodon isn't the silver bullet for online abuse some hoped it would be.


‪A MacBook charger powering a Surface. This is the USB-C future I was promised and I love it.‬ mastodon.social/media/yADiLOCI

I kicked off my Surface Go review today. Please boost far and wide, I think this is one that many Apple fans will be interested in reading. birchtree.me/blog/microsoft-su

Oh, and one of the images is a super close up shot of my knee. So you can look forward to that.

Posting 2,000 words to BirchTree tomorrow. It turns out that I have a lot to say about the Surface Go, and this is only the first 2 of 6 sections of the review 😱

This is my setup for my Surface Go review. First part coming out tomorrow!

Any opinions on the best Mastodon app for Android right now?

“I never expected people to connect with it so much” – Sofia Coppola on Lost in Translation at 15 - Little White Lies

Update: If you want to be a beta tester, follow @tootapp and check out the pinned toot.

My team built something really, really cool…something customers have been asking for for years…and we did it in a couple weeks of fast, hard, and excellent work. We just released it into production and it works like a charm. Kinda of over the moon right now 😁

Hollow Knight is apparently only $10 on #Nintendo Switch right now.

That price is a crime. Like, I'm considering calling the police on whoever set it that low. Hollow Knight is easily worth $30-40 and maybe more.

Anyway what I'm saying is that if you play video games and enjoy unique platformers with interesting stories and lots of gameplay flexibility, it is your patriotic duty to buy and play the crap out of #HollowKnight.

#gaming #VideoGames

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