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Update: If you want to be a beta tester, follow @tootapp and check out the pinned toot.

My team built something really, really cool…something customers have been asking for for years…and we did it in a couple weeks of fast, hard, and excellent work. We just released it into production and it works like a charm. Kinda of over the moon right now 😁

Hollow Knight is apparently only $10 on #Nintendo Switch right now.

That price is a crime. Like, I'm considering calling the police on whoever set it that low. Hollow Knight is easily worth $30-40 and maybe more.

Anyway what I'm saying is that if you play video games and enjoy unique platformers with interesting stories and lots of gameplay flexibility, it is your patriotic duty to buy and play the crap out of #HollowKnight.

#gaming #VideoGames


Fun fact: hundreds of people come to my article about using AirPods with Android *every day.* I really wonder how many of those AirPods I see on the street are connected to Android phones.

Help this simple Matt out: what is the benefit from using different Mastodon instances? I seem to be able to follw anyone on Mastodon, regardless of what version they're using. Is this entirely for the local timeline? If someone I follow on .technology boosts something, do I see it if I'm using .social?

Kudos to Microsoft for putting an RSS reader in the featured spot on the Store today :)

Sadly, this one doesn't support Inoreader either, so I'm still using their web interface on my Surface Go.

This entire comment is 2 sentences and, by my count, covers about 20 different topics. Who talks like this?

Just wanted to say you people are all wonderful and I'm quite enjoying Mastodon these days.

I made a Drafts action that posts to Twitter and Pretty simple setup too 😀

I made an action that posts to Twitter and Pretty simple setup too :)

This is what cross posting between Twitter and Mastodon looks like 😀

We have a stinky garbage can in the garage and I’ve taken appropriate actions to stop it from getting through to the house.


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