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I'm Locke , 34 fluidy enby thingy, he/they. Australian living in Finland since 2018. Software developer (former CS researcher) with a finger in every pie (cybersec, devops, normal dev, cloud)

I sometimes make music, albeit not in recent times though. Plays strategy games, simracing, and whatever the latest AAA RPG is. I also used to make interactive fiction and teach.

Listening to Summoning, Emyn Muil, and Eldamar while reading The Silmarillion. Feel like such a poor black metal stereotype

Started reading The Silmarillion last night and this is my only take from the Ainulindalë

me: oh battletech is trending?
*checks posts*
every single post there: oh battletech is trending?

okay this whole thread isn't entirely accurate. I have 1 community I'm in but every 2 months without fail some arsehole joins and ruins it for me and makes me feel inadequate, insecure, and unreasonably and irrationally angry. and then I want to leave. that community is very slow though so I tend to feel more comfortable there without these jerks joining.

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again, these problems pale in comparison to other problems I have and of course with the real problems that everyone faces. maybe if I actually involved myself in a community I wouldn't switch hobbies every 3-4 weeks spending €€€ each time I do.

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I *hate* talking about things I enjoy because someone (IRL or not) will either tell me I'm wrong (directly or indirectly), make my enjoyment feel fake, or want to discuss beyond a point I'm comfortable with

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So 1) I argue away that I don't need to interact with others because I assume that the majority of people with similar hobbies also don't participate with communities. 2) I'm sure that I don't participate because I have way more underlying issues when it comes to sharing & learning about hobbies I quite like.

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It comes up sometimes in therapy and just me pondering that despite having lots of hobbies that I jump in and out of, why don't I ever interact with their communities? Some of these hobbies have a huge emphasis on community (e.g. TCGs, simracing). I've visited several of these communities purely as on observer and I always leave. So I participate in hobbies without talking to people and I'm actually pretty sure that's the way the majority of people actually do things.

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Happy Non-Binary People's Day!
According to wikipedia, the date was chosen for being precisely between International Men's Day and International Women's Day.
Which begs the question, does that make today a Gender Equinox?

Has anyone checked on Mesarthim to see if they've already planned to use that James Webb Telescope picture for their next release?

every 4th video on my youtube recommended this morning has tom scott in it. considering I've never watched any of his videos, it's a bit weird

there was actually a point to this post but I got distracted writing the ugliest kotlin chain method I could think of

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since we're no longer supposed to use Lens at work (forced login wtf), I've spent a couple of hours trying the other main guis and well, I'm sticking with kubectl

when you cant post on cohost so this is the only eggbug you're allowed

final one. i promise no more after this fucking horror generated in the 1st tile

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